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We are Mitsubado Camera Shop.


We established the store for everyone,


from beginner to long-time user of film cameras, on 2017.

Everyone has its own preferences and purposes to use of camera,


so we have tried to find a best one with each customers at our real shop,


Tokyo, Nippori.


We did not have a mail order service


because we think that it’s important to explain directly to customers.


However, we have received many requests so we have decided to start an online store.


Since the most of cameras we handle were made 20 to 60 years ago,


so that each condition is different.


Then that’s really difficult to tell you everything by description or photographs.


Please note that the mail order service is mainly based on your knowledge how to use cameras or that you can search by yourself.


Of course, we are happy to give a instruction guide for online customers individually at our shop or message.  


Also repairs are performed by a manufacturer-certified repairer or companies that specialize in

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